In order to avoid transmission of disease, use masks appropriately

Wearing a mask is considered to protect against the risk of contracting the disease. This can also work the other way around, preventing disease transmission. However, mask protection can only be maximized if the mask is used properly. Previously, many doubted the effectiveness of masks to prevent transmission of the virus. However, research confirms that if the right mask is used properly, it is effective in preventing the spread of viral infections. Research shows, family members who wear masks when someone has the flu, have a lower risk of contracting than those who do not wear masks. Recognizing Types of Masks Generally there are 2 main types of health masks that can be chosen as needed. Come, look at the advantages and disadvantages: Surgical mask Surgical masks are masks that are commonly used by medical workers such as doctors when handling patients. This mask is usually thin, green or blue. This mask can prevent droplets of body fluids such as sweat, snot, saliva, and
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